Pretty girl becomes a toy for vicious dominatrix

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When you feel like playing with a human toy, call Miras! Kardelia knows Miras dirty inclinations & starts her vicious games as soon as the redhead appears on her threshold. Leather collar and handcuffs turn the silly slut into Kardelia’s obedient slave & black plastic trash bags wrapped around Miras perfect body make her look like a weird statue.

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Beautiful trash bag bondage with perfect brunette

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Miras is a naughty girl; she needs a dominating lover to control her bitchy temper. The hot lesbian couple was going out to dance the night away when Miras started whining and saying that she had nothing to wear. She was asked to shut up a couple of times and then the dominatrix made her a dress using a big black trash bag and some red duct tape!

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Statuesque brunette wrapped in bright duct tape

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Marvita never admits it, but she loves being bound and dominated. She is gorgeous that is why we obtain some red-and-white duct tape for her and carefully wrap the curvy doll with it, turning her into a thrilling domino mummy. We put her on the sofa to enjoy her perfect shapes & lovely feet with immaculate toes. Much later set her free unwillingly!

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Pretty girl packed into a black plastic bag

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Anyone would feel claustrophobic, panic & struggle for some air, but not Liska! This red-haired teen loves being bound! We decide to play hard & put a black trash bag on her head leaving a tiny hole for her nose to breath. The wicked-minded babe gasps but remains silent. Soon we turn her into a perfect vicious mummy with the help of red duct tape.

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Hot plastic wrap bondage love story

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Liska loves her Mistress desperately. She pleases her gorgeous Miss Love no matter how humiliating it is! This time Miss Love makes up her dirty mind to encourage her toy by asking us to wrap them into one trash bag. We had many wonderful impressions packing two curvy babes into a black bag, wrapping and gagging them with blood-red duct tape!

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Breathtaking lesbian domination with duct tape wrapping



Miras knows that her girlfriend Rozanka is harsh, but this time the dominating slut does her best. Rozanka wraps yards and yards of black duct tape around Miras turning her into a sexy curvy mummy. The dominatrix plays with her slave tickling her and then, all of a sudden, she walks away and watches secretly as poor Miras struggles to break free.

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Red-haired girl mummified and dominated

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Lovely teen Liska is hopelessly in love with Miss Love. She is ready to do anything in the world to make her beloved Mistress happy. This time Miss Love has black trash bags and blue duct tape ready to turn her slave into a perfect plastic mummy. Unable to set free, to move or to speak, Liska fulfills orders and commands of her vicious dominatrix. Suddenly her dominatrix was forced by intruder to join her slave. Now intruder has pair of baeutiful mummies.

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Hot brunette faces vicious mummified bondage

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Marvita is a beautiful teen brunette. Her long hair, naughty eyes and curvy body make you think of something dirty! We could not wait to get hold of her curvy body that would make a perfect shapely mummy. The girl had no idea we will take a black cling tape and turn her into helpless doll and she was absolutely happy when we finally set her free.

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Beautiful girl gagged and wrapped into duct tape

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Rozanka sees savage beauty in bondage and domination that is why she finally risks trying silver duct tape wrapping. She humbly puts her hands and feet together and we show her what artistic duct tape wrapping is. But when the slut understands she cannot break free, she talks too much & becomes annoying! That is why we gag her with some duct tape!

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Two perfect babes experience forced bondage

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Hot teen redhead Chantelle becomes wet at the thought of wrapping her best friend Marvita into black trash bags and gagging her with duct tape. Her naughty fingers are trembling with kinky pleasure as she packs her college friend. Little does the silly fetish fan knows that we cannot wait to take her and make join poor Marvita lying on the bed!

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